Yes, I paint water colors and acrylics and saw this picture at a property I showed so now I'm painting it but still a work in progress.  Peacocks are beautiful birds and they are "male"; the female is called a peahen and are mostly dull brown or gray with short feathers and not as spectacular to behold...go figure.  Is that why we women put on makeup to adorn ourselves and men don't have to?  What's wrong with that picture.  Anyway, I digress....peacocks make shrieking sounds to alert each other of danger.  Well, this peahen is shrieking. 

Watch out when you market yourself...even if you think it's safe.  I have advertised in the Texas Monthly 3 years in a row for winning the 5 Star Real Estate Award.  It's part of the package.  Brings good marketing right?  So far for two years in a row, I have NOT received any new clients calling due to this exposure...BUT I've received 2 different letters from guys in 2 different prisons.  Quite persistent too in trying to get me to "respond".  Of course, I'm married but that is not protection...pretty scary stuff.  Plus how do I know it's from being in the magazine?  They've told me!  They saw my picture in it.

When I got the first one I even called the police for what I should do since the guy kept sending letters.  I didn't notify the award folks nor the magazine.  But I will be letting them know why I will NO longer be willing to have a picture advertisement even tho' these are business pictures.  Maybe they think I'm a peacock...sorry couldn't resist.