So you've chosen a career in real estate?  I teach at our local Board all prelicensing courses as well as continuing education.  And I always ask my classes in the beginning, tell me why you are really here?  Why did you choose real estate?  And if you say it's because you like pretty houses as seen on HGTV, then you are in the wrong profession.  Real estate is not about's about people.  It's the butterfly of life, one of the largest investments most folks will make...many are waiting to break out of their cocoon and spread their butterfly wings and fly.  Especially first time as the real estate professional get the opportunity to protect that butterfly dream and give assurance that you will be with that client every step of the way.  Don't tell them what they want to hear...tell them the truth.  You will be rewarded in the end.  Trust gets built to last.  Protect your butterflies and you will also be protecting yourself!  #realestate #butterflies #chermiculkarealtor #chermiculka #HGTV #helpingpeople #dreamhome