In this business, you find out that different folks interpret things differently for sure.  In our Texas contracts we have the sentence for "closing and funding".  Normally that means when buyer funds are to title that is "funded" whether it be from the mortgage company or buyer sent cash.  Closing usually means when everyone has "signed" at title.  Many times if a lender is involved, title will release keys, etc. when they receive the "confirmation of wire number".  But had a situation in a probate, where title would not release even tho' all parties had signed and money was in title's possession.  Why? Because the deed to be filed had to go before the probate judge and there was a 5 day waiting period.  Guess what?  after 5 days the attorney discovered his clerk had not filed the papers so there was another 5 day delay.  Buyers already enroute with moving truck.  Luckily, agents of all parties agreed to a simple lease to allow buyer to move in "legally" even tho' title would not release as "closed" until the waiting period ended. We spoke to real estate attorneys regarding what is deemed closed and funded...according to the attorneys it appeared we were "closed and funded" based on normal definition.  But since this was not a normal case, we the agents elected to go above and beyond for the protection of our clients.  Probate finally came to closure and buyers are now officially the new owners...but nothing is ever black and white in real estate transactions to say the least!!! Whew!