Just a reminder to folks that not all measurements are created equal!  Especially in real estate...be it house square footage or lot size.  Why?  A number of reasons...it can vary from the builder to the city to the county to the appraiser to the surveyor...the list goes on.  That is why the MLS posts at the bottom of every page the following..."all measurements, taxes, age, financial & school data are approximate and provided by other sources.  Buyer should independently verify same before relying thereon".  I try to educate all my clients in this regard...be it buyer or seller...unfortunately not everyone does that.  From personal experience let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  A subject property is listed as a certain size by the county.  The seller then gets an appraisal when they bought the home which varied.  Later in years the seller puts the house on the market using the appraiser's figures.  The prospective buyer gets an appraisal due to the new loan.  Low and behold the 2 appraisals do not match in the approximate square footage of the house.  Key word here folks is APPROXIMATE!!  To make matters worse the appraisal guesstimate on the lot size varied from the actual survey.  There are a number of reasons for these discrepancies.  Keep in mind the survey folks use the pins or markers for measurement.  The appraiser may not be able to see the pins or have access to same and does not usually have the equipment to find them as a survey company does.  A builder may give you two or more square footage amounts, one with the brick lug and one without.  The city or county does not usually enter a property nor have access to, therefore they are measuring from the outside.  And appraisers are people and nothing is infallible.  In this case I am referencing...the appraiser were exactly 100 square feet off from each other.   That would most likely imply an addition error...So who is correct?  Who knows?  But the house remains the same visually and buyer is encouraged to independently verify same before relying on anything or anyone.  If you know beforehand that there can be fluctuations due to human subjectivity...there should be no problems!!!  At least we all hope!!