As quoted by Joan Rivers..."can we talk?"  This blog is geared to agents or any other professional who gets knocked down by their closest relatives and supposed friends.  Have you ever had a close relative for example, not even bother calling you (if your a real estate agent) to come give a market analysis of their  home they have decided to sell?  Instead they use an acquaintance or complete stranger and it hits you in the gut doesn't it?  Especially because you learn about it AFTER they sell and yet you've been in communication with them but they've never said a word.  Calculating on their part so it would appear, wouldn't it?  To you it is a slap in the face and questions your years of education, experience and expertise.  It would be the same if you are a doctor or nurse and you know how qualified you are but the new patient whom you personally know and trusted, someone you knew you'd watch out for their best interests better than anyone.... asks for a different doctor or nurse with absolutely no explanation.  You would at least hope for the courtesy of an explanation or even been given a fair chance!  The hardest part to swallow is the NOT knowing why.  Believe it or not, the offending person may not know why either.  Perhaps it was spur of the moment or perhaps it was intentional, one may never know.  What do you do?  You move on.  Do you lash out?  No, but if ever given the opportunity or be question by the offender, it is not incorrect to ask 'why".  Maybe it would be a learning curve that turns out to be a positive future focus.  We all get hurt, we are human, we have feelings, we have emotions and we must constantly strive not to wear the emotions on our sleeves.  I know it's hard and it hurts and most of the time you have done nothing wrong, you just were NOT part of the equation for whatever reason.  There are many actions you can take afterwards even though there may not be one correct answer!  Just remember to smile (after you have your good cry) and like yourself and know that you always strive to be the best you can be and use these experiences as learning curves and preparation for the next rejection that will try to cause you to stumble.  Pick yourself up...go visit with a fellow coworker, peer or close friend that you know will ease your mind and cheer you up.  Do NOT question yourself nor your abilities, just work to overcome your emotions, hurt and rejections and move on.  Remember the old saying..."some will, some won't, so!!!"