My hubby and I really had some unwanted excitement at a couple of lakes surrounding our town over the weekend.  Basically "he" wanted to practice using the boat since it is still relatively new to us...things like launching, making sure it starts, etc. before we take it out again to the big lake up at Livingston where it's almost like an ocean complete with whitecaps.  First of all, since I work 7/24 as a real estate broker...we took out for what was suppose to be a little while to Canyon Lake Friday eve when he got off work.  We even anchored and put up the biminy to see what condition it was in and was thrilled to see it was in great condition.  (understand this is my dad's old boat that we gought from the estate).  So we decide it's time to start the motor and go to another part of the lake.  But instead of my husband leaving the anchor in...he pulls it up and then tries to start the boat.  It doesn't start and we proceed to get way to close to the shallow embankment ready to crash upon rocks!  He tells ME to jump in and "hold" the boat.  Do you know how hard it is to "hold" a boat being pushed by wind and waves?  He tries for over an hour and we begin to panick.  I am exhausted by this time and he is frustrated to no end.  Somehow he is able to hand me my cell phone which he doesn't know how to use and I try to call directory assistance to reach the marina...I hate the automated operator which gives you everything BUT the number you need.  In desperation we decide to call 911...afterall...we were stranded and getting fearful.  We just knew we needed a tow.  911 is very understanding and says they will contact the game warden to assist.  I noticed my husband by this point had stopped yelling and it seemed like the motor was trying to turn over and in the midst of my call, it did.  I thanked 911 and proceeded to see my husband start the boat and run it out a little ways before coming back to rescue me out of the water.  By the way, we had tried putting the anchor back in "earlier"...even tho it didn't hold AND when my husband took off...yep he forgot the anchor was still in the water.  I reminded him to pull it in and he did.  LOL...but the task to get me in the boat was a feat to be reckoned with.  I was in 4 feet of water and felt like a beached whale.  I could not use the ladder because it is too close to the now running motor.  Somehow James was able to pull me up...needless to say I am quite black and blue with bruises and sore.  He later admits that he had overchoked the motor and THAT is why it would not start...he had "flooded" the motor.  All is forgiven so on Sunday but he tells me not to tell anyone about his "choking episode"...uh huh and we decide to try again and this time we go to Calaveras Lake.  Now that he has learned not to overchoke starting the boat...we make it all the way to a lovely spot passed all the bridges that he desires to try to fish.  He caught one little throwback 8 in catfish when we hear rumbling.  We think it's the train on the bridge but no, it turns out to be thunder.  We saw clouds in the distance but boy did they sneak up on us.  This lake can be rough in the first place but imagine it with a storm...uh huh.  Thank God for the biminy and a bridge.  Somehow we were able to make it to the bank under the bridge and tie off to a little bush.  We waited out the storm, left the anchor in first!! before trying to start the motor and this time success!!  lol, packed up, went back to the dock...and left!  Oh what fun I've had on the "lake" this weekend...NOT!