I love houses.  Good thing since I'm a real estate broker.  We are now in our 17th house?  We trade houses like most people trade cars.  I tell folks it's a disease I have called "real estate".  We see the bones of a house.  It's potential.  We take a house that is not perfect and maybe needs a little love and we drop a little money into rehabbing and voila, it becomes a Cinderella.  And we do it right, meaning when we sell, we make a profit.  This picture is our current kitchen.  It was a foreclosure that needed a lot of love.  Holes in the walls, dirty, dingy and the ugliest granite countertops you've ever seen.  Drab and boring.  So what did I do?  I searched for a counter top color that would match the old granite but update the whole venue and it worked.  Folks come over and first thing they say is love the kitchen and love the granite!  Saved a lot of money by not replacing all the counters in the kitchen AND shopped for "leftover pieces or bargains".  Next blog, I'll show you what I did with the leftover granite.  Stay tuned! #rehab #homedecor #kitchens #granitetops #realestate #realtor #chermiculka #HSArealestate