While shopping I came across this cute sign.  "If you can't fly with the Big Girls...stay off the Broom!"  Luv it!  There is so many meanings one can apply to this saying.  For instance, I was determined to be a GRI real estate instructor.  But I would be entering the land of giants...meaning those instructors with so much more knowledge and know-how than me.  Talk about what could have been intimidation!  I had to either fly or stay off that broom for sure.  Definitely had to dig deep into my big girl pockets to come up with the stamina to even attempt this endeavor.  The last step was to do a mock presentation in front of a room full of instructors far more experienced than me!  Failing was not an option because I knew I did not want to have to "try out" a second time.  If I didn't make it the first time then I believed I probably didn't deserve to be there.  So I prepared and sought the knowledge of my mentors and others far more experienced than I...it worked...I made the team...I'm now a GRI Instructor.  Now the work really begins..I know that. BUT I'm so honored and excited to even have the opportunity.  My goal is to protect our real estate industry and help in our professional development in any way I can. I love being a real estate professional and I love being a Texas Realtor and Broker.  I like people and I know we need to constantly perfect our skills in helping our clients and consumers.  Buying a home is normally the biggest investment the average person makes...excited to be a part of that and to be a real estate instructor! #Texasrealtors, #realestateinstructor, #GRI, #chermiculka, #HSArealestate