I told my agents that I would be blogging on this subject because we do have "real" cases in our own agent family in dealing with difficult situations involving clients, customers, other agents, loan officers, inspectors, appraisers and any other entity in the real estate transaction.  No matter how long you are in real estate if you're an agent, every situation is different BUT how you handle it should always be the same...be professional.  So what does that mean?  Well, I advised my agents that it wouldn't hurt to review the Code of Ethics again because there is alot of good guidance and pointers within it's pages on how to conduct business.  Let me share with you just one small scenario that happened to an agent recently.  The agent which is also a Realtor (yes there is a difference) is probably one of the nicest people you'd ever meet.  But had a difficult situation wherein the Realtor was instructed not to contact one of the parties but to deal directly with the spouse.  However, both parties are selling the home in this case and both has to sign paperwork, deal with negotiations to include any repair requests and such and both must be kept apprised of the transaction and communication with BOTH parties is key.  However, this same client that didn't want to be contacted then admonished the Realtor NOT to contact the spouse because the spouse was too busy at work.  It became a back and forth direction of mixed instructions.  To further complicate things this same client warned not to inform the spouse about any of the conversations...good or bad.  However, due to situations and circumstances in the real estate transaction...again both parties HAD to be noified.  It was not a divorce situation by the way...but our Code of Ethics teach us to treat ALL parties honestly and keep folks informed fairly.  Communication is key.  Don't you find that true in life?  If you don't communicate, you suffocate.  Your cannot bury the situation in the sand.  Same goes for a home sale or any business transaction, you must raise your head up out of the sand and breathe then be ready to address the situation head on and be sure all pertinent parties are informed and involved.  It is our unspoken duty to keep the business real estate transaction professional...help the clients take emotion out of it.  One thing I tell people is a house is just a house, but a home is the family.  When you are looking to buy, you are looking for a "home"...a place to live and enjoy and possibly raise a family.  But when you sell...you are selling a house...sticks and bricks so to speak.  Remember staging?  You're taught to take the personal family photos off the wall.  Why?  So a buyer can see themselves in the "home" AND the photos go with YOU to your next "home".  So remember, keep your head out of the sand...communicate...don't suffocate!  Walk on top of the sand instead...do not bury your head!  Communicate!!