Folks, I know you've heard it "preached" before...but it truly could mean a sale...selling your home that is.  The old addage "Less is More"  is really true to the words!   In my experience with buyers when showing a home and we go into a lovely house on the outside and then walk in and say...whoa what happened?  It could be filled with awesome antiques and expensive decor BUT can still be too crowded!!  Remember, when selling a are NOT the buyer so take out the emotion, the knick-knacks, the personal pictures, etc. Just because you have the matching sofa and doesn't mean they both have to be in the room if it makes the room too small.   If you need help and can't afford to hire a stager or if your agent doesn't stage...did you know magazines can help?  Not just the ones you buy but those that come through the mail trying to sell you their wares.  I've gotten unexpected ideas from books such as the Speigel kidding!!  Case in point...I had a chair and a piano stool that coincidentally had the same tapestry material but the stool didn't work as an ottoman for the Italian chair (the stool was a french style and too high for the chair).  But I saw in the catalog where they placed a stool next to a chair in a dining area and put a tray with a wine decanter on top of the stool.  Eureka!  I did the same trick and it worked beautifully!  Since the material was the same they now became a "matched" pair!!!  And you would not believe the compliments I received on same.  So when getting ready to spruce up your home, remember to stand back and see if it feels crowded and if so...what can you do to "enlarge" it at no cost.  Get a friend's opinion.  Sometimes, we have a difficult time being objective when it's our own decor!  Happy selling!!