Just because the market is "doing well" doesn't mean your listings are.  Not all markets are the same, therefore not all listing are either.  If your local market is average income of 45k and average sales pricing of $217k...how do you promote and find the buyer for listings that are over $400k to $500k, etc.?  What if you have a listing that the seller "overpaid" when seller was the "buyer".  You as the agent have sent out email blasts, boosted social media, held open houses...but property still sits.  3 things are known factors for selling: price, condition and location.  The only 2 that one can act upon is price and condition.  So what if you are priced correctly?  even below the market numbers and the condition is great...now what?  You continue to market and keep your sellers informed of what's happening in their area WEEKLY and in writing.  Hopefully, the right buyer will come along as the old saying is there is a buyer for every house...some are just slower to show up!