I loved my Jag  but dreaded everytime I took it to the dealer for simple items such as an oil change.  They ALWAYS tried to sell me repairs...to the tune of thousands of dollars.  Case in point, my brakes...they wanted $2300 to fix them...my old mechanic charged me $630...yep.  One of my friends told me her dealorship always did that to her as well on her Mercedes...she now drives a Jeep.  The last straw was last week I took it for an oil change and explicitly warned them to just change the oil and asked how long would it take?  They said about an hour and a half because they will include washing it.  Two and half hours went by and I asked what was the hold up?  I needed to get back to real estate work.  But wait they wanted to tell me I needed over 8k in repairs!  I told them to bring me my car now...and it was NOT washed by the way and I let them know what a scam I believed they did plus for a car that was supposed to be so great, it sure needed alot of work "all the time" and they would never see me again (not that  they really cared...lol).  So I  took it for a trade in and was told "Jag in great shape" so I traded it in...I now drive a SUV.   No more car games for me.