Wow...big you find you persevere in your real estate career?  I bet you find you "have to" in order to succeed.  That's true in life, wouldn't you agree?  I read in a Sunday School text that most races have more starters than finishers.  That is so true especially in real estate in so many variations.  Starting with agents year our Board had 8,000 agents then the market "fell' and so did the agent populus...down to 3,000 in just one year.  Only the strong survive it would seem! Real Estate is a career of endurance.  to finish the long race, you must endure.  Many times we feel we "hit the wall" because one because so tired that we feel we just can't finish.  You have no energy left to give.  But we have to push onward and continue on to finish the job.  The one word that distinguishes starters from finishers per the lesson is perseverance.  "Anyone can start, but only those who persevere to the end can finish".