Yes, real estate has some scary moments.  Both the agents and the clients trust the inspections and inspectors BUT one must realize that inspectors are human not Superman and can't see thru walls or sewer lines.  Even with the best of precautions and inspections, something can still pop up causing distress to the buyer or the seller.  Let me tell you a true story. 

Buyer buys a foreclosure...great price...great buy...has it inspected.  Inspector notes some minor items but states it's a great hours for a foreclosure.  The seller bank had the roof replaced and that was a relief because it rained during several viewings of the property and all was well.  Seller added new appliances, new carpet...everything great! Almost like getting a new house!   Buyer closes and moves in.  Then the roof leaked after a violent storm.  It was discovered the roofers who replaced the roof failed to caulk the vents...easy fix but a pain.  Next, buyer discovers  a commode  keeps stopping up.  Buyer calls all insurance companies who basically do not cover much in plumbing.  One plumber told them they had tree roots.  The insurance company did a camera and said no roots but would need to charge even more money to come back and "pinpoint" where the problem was.  So 2 opposing stories but both plumbing companies wanted to jackhammer the sidewalk to fix the blockage that caused a clog. Both quoting around $6000 By this time after numerous calls to the agent with the buyers in scary distress, the agent remains calm and sticks with the buyers in their time of need and asks if it's ok to get a 3rd opinion.  Agent calls a master plumbing company who the agent knew had done work for previous clients for many years with favorable results and meets with the recommended plumber at the site.  This reputable plumber does a thorough examination, pinpoints the problem and it is NOT under the sidewalk and yes there are no tree roots thank goodness!  Furthermore even if it had been, plumber said you "dig".. not jackhammer.  The new plumber who warrants his work, quotes below $2000....big price difference and thank goodness for honest vendors and real estate professionals who work to problem solve and not cause problems!  The new plumber got the job!! The buyers got relief! ...and frankly so did the agent! #plumbers #inspections #homes #realestate #scaryrepairs #buyerfears