I have been doing a Bible study on David.  One sentence hit me in particular in the face when I think of real estate transactions and that is..."Restoration does not mean you can no longer stand for the truth because you fell.  Restoration means you MUST stand."  Is that powerful or what?  Have you ever been a victim of the truth being stretched or not truthful at all?  What about when you are questioned?  Have you ever been tempted to tell a partial truth?  In real estate, we that are Realtors, live by a Code of Ethics and part of that code is truth.  I built a house and was falsely accused of hiding the truth about an unknown hidden leak.  But I never waivered from the truth...I did not ever have a leak where the accuser indicated nor did I know one existed.  In fact to this day, I still have never learned where exactly this supposed leak was.  The consequences of being falsely accused caused much harm, sadness and anger in me.  I was so distressed and not understanding why I was to suffer this falsehood and wondered where had I failed?  But it took me 3 years to realize the pain due to the accusation has only made me a stronger and resolute person.  I never renigged on my honesty or integrity.  Today, I am restored and I "stand" on truth which is my restoration.  Hope these thoughts are helpful to you!