My colleague teaches the 3 roles of a Realtor in the homebuying process are:  Consultant, Negotiator and Overseer.  Well put.  I take my job seriously, I am not out there just showing houses and trying to "sell".  My job is to share knowledge and point out the positives as well as the negatives to my clients.  I believe in a fiduciary duty and enter into Buyer Rep Agreements just like one would do when listing a home and enter into a listing agreement.  My goal is to ensure my buyer client has all the data and information available to make a comfortable decision when choosing a home.  To make sure the choices are clear and enhance the purchase process to make it least painful as possible!  In negotiations the goal is to assist the buyer in their focus and be committed to achieve their end goal.  I will oversee the transaction and work to make sure the criticality of the sale is in the best possible interest of my client.  Make sure you hire a Realtor who has your goals in mind!