I caught a glance at an article the other day about agents that try to "enforce" the listing agreement when a seller declines a full-price offer with respect to agents suing for their compensation.  I am a firm believer we have to look at the whole picture; what are the seller's reasons behind the declination?  I agree with the author that we should be about forming relationships because we ...at least I do...certainly rely on referrals.  No one wins in a lawsuit...we should want our customers and clients to "sing our praises, not our greed"....I love her statement.  To me it's no different than losing a listing when the market is bad or if the seller won't listen to your knowledge and expertise...if you're going to be the bad guy, better to walk away and remember it's just some of the trials and tribulations of doing business.  Good business is better than NO business.  I've mentioned before I've even clean toilets in a listing....it's all about the service!!