In the corporate world and even in real estate, there is importance in being viewed as a "company man or woman".  And I'll touch more on that in a minute but first let me bring in the thought of taking emotion out of the business situation.  No way...but learn to balance it.  I read once that emotion and passion are the core of all businesses and lead in success but also in failures.  If we abandon our logic and skills and retreat to an emotional state can lead to ineffectiveness and disappointment.  Which brings me to the company man or business like in life...needs change.  If your boss says you need to change your behavior, schedule, mode of dress or whatever and gives the reason due to business needs...maybe you should listen.  Everyone usually wants to be a part of the business the term "team player" is used alot these days.  And a team player is another term for "company man or woman".  You can be a team player without losing your identity.  If you're in a job that you are being paid for whether it be a salaried or commission job, you will be viewed not just by your boss and peers but outside venues and sources.  You never know where your behavior, presentation, or perceived value that you offer may lead.  So when your asked to forfeit something or change your vacation due to business needs or you're told "you may be well advised to consider changing your vacation time" should listen.  That's a real hint for either demotion or dismissal or loss of clients.  Don't let the anger emotion get in your way.  Take the advice, change your agenda, use your emotion for the positive and excel in your demeanor and skills.  You will be happier and so will your colleagues, bosses, clients and friends!  I know as a real estate professional, if I lose my is I who suffer.  I know we can't always be in total control but we must strive to let emotional reactions to challenges be curbed...think before we leap or speak!!  Hard to do, but when you regain control of your self...then you have "self control" and YOU will win!!