When will I learn to keep up with my business expenses during the year and not wait til year end?  Then have to file extension because my CPA doesn't have time to get it done because I don't give it to him until end of March (if I'm lucky!!)  I am proud because I purchased a product called Neat wherein I can scan copies of those little receipts for meals, etc.  It did help but still alot of time.  Here I am complaining and have I started accounting for NEXT year?  Of course not, I'm too busy trying to finish taxes for this year....plus work and try to pay bills.  I keep saying life will get easier...if any of you have suggestions on how I may improve my tax time...let me know!

here is the HSA gang of agents along with a mortgage friend Lisette!  Cher is in the middle...lol..this is happy hour time before hitting taxes again...ugh