Not only will I be blogging more regularly about real estate adventures, tips, homebuying and selling and trials and tribulations!!  I will begin blogging my fiction short story called "The Hollow Heart".  Enjoy....

I knew after two short weeks of dating, I was falling in love.  Yep, actual kidding!  After just two weeks, surely that's not possible.  Aah but it is.  He was THE one.  Please understand, I had dated and had my share of boyfriends...three of which had attempted to give me engagement rings.  In fact, I would tell them I needed to think and would take them home and show my mom...but then I would realize I just didn't "feel" it...I was not in love.  I began to wonder did I have a Hollow Heart?  So each time I returned the ring after telling the perspective fiancee that I just wasn't ready....But then I met Ray.  I remember telling my friends I would marry "tall, dark and handsome" someday.  Well, I got the tall and handsome part right...Ray was blond.  

Our relationship began one evening when I vowed to stay home because I had broken up with another guy.  I liked him well enough but when he took his shoes off to watch a football game with me, I wanted to scream at him to put them back on...poor fellow (his name was Chuck)...had very stinky feet.  That did it for me...and I had only a month or so before dated a very handsome guy who called himself Stefan...turned out that wasn't his real was just "Steve" but he enjoyed pretending to be someone he was not.  Long story short I swore of men for awhile.  Or so I thought.

Then I got a knock on my door......(to be continued on the watch for The Hollow Heart 2)

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