The knock on the door turned out to be my neighbor, Jim.  "Hey, Kathleen" he said to me, "A few of us are heading down to the dance club, wanna go?"  Well, I had nothing better to do so I said yes.  it was your typical Thursday night...for whatever reason, that was the best night for a large crowd.  Just as I was heading to get a drink, some guy bumps into me.  We made eye contact.  Darn, he's cute I thought.  Gorgeous blue eyes...wait a minute I know that I am NOT interested.  I say to myself...remember are sworn off guys.  But he asked me to dance and that I do love to do so what the heck, I said yes. Darn, he was a great dancer.  Could do the 2 step quite nicely.  We ended up dancing together the rest of the night. Then he asked would I like to go to get something to eat?

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