Had a great spring break but so glad to have made it home safely. I can't make up "this" story...but we had truck trouble on the way to Lake Livingston. We could tell it didn't want to switch gears...transmission uh oh...so we made it to our destination and then contacted the local Chevrolet dealer and described our symptoms and took the truck in. They called the next day and said they found the issue and charged us $304 for repairs. We were thrilled...afterall...we had o...ur boat with us and sure did want to end up with the truck in the lake pulling the boat out!!! So when it was time to come home, we happily were driving down the road when we were not even on the road for thirty minutes when the symptoms returned. We pulled over and called our roadside assistance and learned they only covered a tow for 30 miles AND no mechanics were opened since it was the weekend. Furthermore it would take almost FIVE hours for a tow company to come rescue us (we were in a little settlement called Shiro) AND on top of that...the charge would be $900!!! So my husband said we could try to limp home...going 20 mph and pulling a boat. It is normally a 5 hour drive with no stops from Lake Livingston....the good news is our daughter and her husband (Elise and Kevin Huff) came to our rescue to relieve us from pulling the boat which was very scary up those hills and met us on the farther side of Bastrop. They took the boat home and we proceeded on...we actually made it up to 40 mph on some downhills...whoo hoo! Somehow we kept our cool and "enjoyed" the scenery very personal and up close and actually pulled into our driveway before dark. Home sweet home! PS it was the transmission and not what the dealership had said....to the tune of $3200....lol...I gotta sell some more houses!

Obviously my grandson's red truck works better!