Do you find it annoying to venture onto a website such as your utilities and then not be able to "figure it out" so you exit, only to learn that by entering your data, your utility company elects to quit sending you paper mail aka your bill and "assume" you will pay your bill by checking their website?  Well, I did when I received a "first" disconnection notice.  I was so shocked and called the utility company to learn this is what had happened.  They could not answer when I asked how did that occur when I know I did not "elect" or hit any button stating I wanted paper billing discontinuedand because I have more thproperty and have received "bills" for those, I didn't catch that I had never received the "biggest" and most important one...for my personal home.  Furthermore, the utility is continuing to charge me for a service not provided that the city even confessed to me  was not owed and that I should request the billing be corrected.  I was told it was about a 60 day process...we are now going into 120 days and the billing is yet to be corrected and I continue to pay for a service tthat is not nor never has been "provided".   Why is it utility companies can play God and do whatever they wish to include screwing up your billing cycle and then blame you?  And you better keep track of who you talk to, when and confirmat;ion numbers.  Life just doesn't get easy doess it?  And you the consumer ends  up losing and being thhe "bad guy".   Thank you for letting this novice blogger vent!!!