Love this a real estate professional when I'm working with folks to list their house, I many times must remind them that the "home" is the family and where the family will move to becomes the home.  Because the home really is filled with love and dreams.  They will leave the house behind that now becomes just the walls and beams BUT to the new buyer, it gets to be a "home" again.  Especially when staging is needed, I must encourage them to take out too much personal decor be it family photos, certificates, etc.  Remember the golden rule to stage the home with a neutral personality.  That doesn't mean boring, because a touch of "punch" as in color or style can go a long way.  However, one must remember to appeal to the prospective new home owner.  Less is always best...let the buyer see the house and visualize it becoming their home. #realestate #staging #chermiculka #realtor #listing #buying #houses #homes