ABR is an Accreditated Buyer's Representative that has received said designation by achieving special training!  Our Broker and Owner has an ABR as one of her designations.  It is a valuable commodity to any consumer looking for an agent to assist in the home-buying process!  Let me share with you as our potential client, why it is important and could be a factor in ensuring that we meet your expectations to make your transaction successful and smoothly handled!!  A buyer representation agreement is formalized between the agent and the buyer to do several things:  Avoid misunderstandings, ensure a higher level of service (because now you become a client...not just a customer) , it builds trust and agency relationship.  An article in Rismedia gives excellent definitions to these assets such as explaining that a buyer rep agreement is designed to "detail the services a client is entitled to as well as the expectations of the buyer's agent.  By defining the expectations of both parties up front, an agent reduces" the risk of misunderstandings and at the same time elevates the level of services he or she can provide to the consumer which is now the client!  Please note that "in almost every case, home sellers have already agreed to pay a buyer's agent's commission.  If they haven't, you can ask your buyer's rep to avoid showing you any such homes"...yes that is true.  Furthermore, with HSA even though a representation agreement usually specifies a time period, you can terminate early if both parties consent. In other words we are willing to end the agreement early if the working relationship isn't going well.  We also provide for you the TREC form "Information about Broker Services".  Very informative and easy to understand.  So, next time you are looking to buy a house, we hope you'll put us to work for you!!